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Seven Ways To Make Your Marketing Messages More Persuasive

This report will reveal how to:

✓ Increase the ROI of your marketing efforts.

✓ Improve relations with clients and prospects.

✓ Add authority to your marketing messages.





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Live and online sessions designed to help you master new strategies, tactics and skills to take your campaigns to the next level. Topics will include…

  • List-Building
  • Campaign-Automation and Auto-Responders
  • Combining Email Marketing with Social Media
  • Copy-Writing and Persuasion
  • Improving Delivery Rates
  • Advanced MarketVolt Features and Functionality



This report will reveal how to:

✓ Improve your mailing lists.

✓ Personalize your marketing messages.

✓ Generally acquire and convert more leads.


This report will reveal how to:

✓ Improve the navigability of your website.

✓ Increase traffic to your website.

✓ Generate more leads.

✓ Improve your online brand image.


This report will reveal how to:

✓ Generate more leads through referrals.

✓ Lower sales costs.

✓ Improve relations with current clients.


This report will reveal how to:

✓ Increase the ROI of your marketing efforts.

✓ Improve relations with clients and prospects.

✓ Add authority to your marketing messages


This report will reveal how to:

✓ Increase the number of prospects who join your list.

✓ Raise the quality of your prospects.

✓ Integrate your email marketing and social media.


This report will reveal how to:

✓ Improve email open rates.

✓ Reduce opt-out and spam complaint rates.

✓ Increase the number of emails forwarded.

✓ Generally improve the return on your email marketing investment.


Personalize Your Emails To Improve Response Rates

If you want to improve email opens, click rates and overall campaign performance, I have one word for you: personalize. According to a 2015 study by Experian Marketing Services, personalized emails – in which the sender merges the recipient’s first name in the subject line – boosted open rates by up to 40 percent. Transaction…

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Technology Can Automate Follow-ups

Trade show follow-up used to be a nightmare for my company’s sales people until we automated the process with technology. Now we re-connect within minutes with the people we meet at our booth. We impress them with our diligence and attention. We sell more as a result. We do it all with less time and…

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Read Your Out-of-Office Replies

Every time I send a bulk email, I receive a pile of out-of-office replies. When I first began managing email campaigns 15 years ago, I would ignore those automated replies. I thought it was kind of a pain to go through those replies. “Why bother?” I thought. Wow, what a mistake! Sure, many of those emails simply…

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Work the System to Create Case Studies

I have a few business books that I re-read often to refresh my knowledge and reinforce my commitment to their concepts. “Work the System” by Sam Carpenter is one of those books. I don’t want to spend a lot of time describing the book. You can read the synopsis or grab a free copy to…

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Simple Planning Can Cure Writer’s Block

You’ve committed to an email marketing program for your business. You’ve promised subscribers you’ll deliver emails regularly. You sit at your desk a day or two before the planned delivery date, put your fingers on the keyboard and then … nothing. Crickets chirping. A cursor blinking on a blank page. You have no idea what…

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Statistics Show Why Email Has to Be Part of Your Marketing Mix

  Do you check your email before breakfast each morning? I do. How about in the last few minutes before you go to bed? Yeah, me too. Do you check your email in bed? I’m embarrassed to admit it. What about in the bathroom? I’ll take the fifth on that one. If you stand accused…

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Tips On Improving Landing Page Conversions

A good landing page can mean the difference between acquiring a new lead/customer or not. That’s why we’re always looking for good tips on how to improve landing page conversions. The marketers at Quicksprout recently shared 10 landing page tips that we think are right on. We advise that you make your marketing customer-centric. Frame…

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Smart Marketers Ditch Their Tricks

I recently received an email from a person whose name I didn’t recognize. The subject line read, “re: Our Conversation.” That made me wonder, “Did I have a conversation with this guy?” Maybe I was having a “senior moment” and forgetting some conversation at a networking event. They say “50 is the new 30,” but…

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Tips On Creating An Effective Email Signature

We just read a great article that offers tips for creating an effective email signature. Signatures are the blocks of content at the bottom of your one-to-one emails — not your marketing emails. In a previous blog post, we noted: “You may have (a signature) that lists your name and basic contact information, but you…

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Plan Ahead by Asking "Now What?"

You create a great-looking email, craft a compelling subject line and achieve a 20 percent open rate. Now what? You invest time and energy posting interesting and entertaining items on Facebook. Hundreds of people like your post. Now what? You spend a chunk of change on search engine marketing and drive a flood of traffic…

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Conduct Spring Cleaning to Avoid the Spam Filter Torture Chamber

Many spam filter companies torture marketers who are not guilty. When we legitimate marketers object to their shady tactics, the companies question our values and our commitment to a spam-free world.   I know ”torture” is a loaded word. I don’t mean to suggest that these companies literally subject marketers to physical pain. But the…

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Note to Marketers and Salespeople: Yours is a Noble Profession

This post is an ode to marketers and salespeople, a note of encouragement to thank you for what you do and to remind you that you can make the world a better place. Ryan was great. He told us everything we had to know about various phones and their options. He knew his stuff. The…

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MarketVolt Completes Transition

CEO Peter Shinkle announced today that MarketVolt has successfully completed its transition phase following its spin-out as an independent company. Established as a division of Foundry Software Development Company, MarketVolt spun out in March 2013 after receiving capital investment from a team led by Shinkle. Shinkle has served since then as MarketVolt’s CEO, overseeing the…

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Courting Tips for Email Marketers

I read lots of blog posts and articles about email marketing. This one is among the best I’ve read in months. The folks at Email on Acid nail it with the post entitled How to Lose an Email Subscriber in 10 Days.  The post likens email marketing — and marketing in general — to a courting process. And…

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Only An Annoying Email will Annoy A Subscriber

How often should you send marketing emails? I hear this question often from small business people, most of whom say they’re worried about annoying subscribers with too many emails.   My answer: You will annoy your subscribers only if you send annoying emails. If you send emails that are boring, irrelevant, overly pitchy or misleading, subscribers will turn off,…

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